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Bats are actually a vital part of the ecological system of our planet, but when they make their home inside your attic, they become a nuisance. Under certain conditions, bat guano leads to major diseases like histoplasmosis, which is a major health concern. Improper removal and decontamination by unqualified professionals can put your family and neighbors at risk, so let Wildlife Troopers handle with their bat removal service and bat guano decontamination for you.

Bats manage to enter homes or businesses through small cracks, open windows or unscreened fireplaces, leaving you with bat removal problems. Fortunately, Wildlife Troopers professionals are experts in bat removal and prevention. We can help get rid of bat colonies that have decided that the spaces inside your home would make a good place for them to hang out. We can also identify and block access points and prevent bats from returning.

Unfortunately, raccoons are persistent, so intimidation tactics do not normally work with them; they just return the next available time. To make matters worse, they are nocturnal creatures who break into your trash to steal food at night. Therefore, it is important to control these pests before the problem gets out of control.

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Bat Trapping & Bat Removal Service

Trapping and removal of a bat can be tricky and should never be attempted if the bat was found in a room where people were sleeping. Have you been hearing disturbing sounds at night around your home? If so, you may need professional bat removal services! Using only humane animal removal and environmentally responsible techniques for bat removal, Wildlife Troopers not only eliminates your bat problems, but also prevent them from recurring.

It is very common for bats to enter homes or businesses through open windows or unscreened fireplaces. Don’t worry; Wildlife Troopers has the bat control technicians and wildlife control personnel to eliminate your bat control problems in the safest ways possible. The team at Wildlife Troopers is expertly trained in bat removal techniques including bat trapping, bat proofing, bat exclusion and bat netting. All of our bat removal methods are environmentally friendly and ecologically safe to ensure that only humane bat control is practiced.

Signs of Bat Infestation

Stained Holes

Bat Dropping Sightings

The Scent of Ammonia

Unexplained Odors

Dead Bat Sightings

Squeaking Sounds

Real Testimonials from Happy Clients

"Jose is a professional and eliminated our raccoon problem.
He also gave us an option that was fair and the best value without breaking the bank. Getting rid of raccoons should not cost more than buying a used car."

-Mega Sun

"I recommend Advance Trappers 200% . Jose was very helpful and so honest the entire time. I am impressed to have found a company that really cares about their customers. You will see how nice and professional he is."

- Jennifer Ahumada

"Jose absolutely amazing, after years dealing with what seemed like a never ending rodent problem he put an end to it in three weeks. Highly recommended."

-Elizabeth Pena

"They are easy to get in touch with. Showed up
Right away. Did an inspection and didn’t not charge me. Honest, efficient company that is out to help home owners and not to rip them
Off in their time of need. Highly recommend this company!"

- Reza Voosoughi

"We were having rodent problems at our home. We had another trapper come out to seal entry points. We had Wildlife Troopers come out for a second opinion. They were extremely responsive and showed up right on time for their appointment. they told us that everything was handled properly and no further action was needed. 

- Lauren Willinger

"The attic is sanitized and vacuumed clean. Free of rodent hair. They sealed up all potential entry points and have promised to come back if needed. They also set traps inthe attic and came back to remove what was caught. Jose and Jamel are two gentlemen, hard working and keep their word. I will definitely recomend them to my neighbors and friends. I believe our problem is behind us."

- Vincent Agostino

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