Bees love hollow logs as they offer shelter to build mazes of honeycombs. Therefore, it is not strange to find them in numerous similar locations in your home that have the same kind of amenities, such as sheds, trees, and inside your walls.

Once bees find a crack or a hole in your wall, they can have an easy access to the inside of your room, filling the cavity with bee waste, honey, and honeycombs until it is full.


Do Bees Nest In Walls, And How Long Can They Live There?

As we stated earlier, bees can find their way to your home through cracks or holes. For sure, these insects can nest in all sorts of cavities, like inside the walls of your house.

Several factors will determine how long the bees will nest in your walls. If the living conditions such as the sun’s heat, nectar flow, and space are supportive, a colony of bees can live in your walls for years. However, a colony can die out from diseases and other reasons, creating space for a new settlement to establish in the same place.


What Are The Signs Of Bees In Walls

Wall voids attract bee swarms seeking permanent nesting sites. There are several signs of bee infestation in your walls. Is it essential to eliminate any bee infestation in your walls? Sure. Bees take around three weeks to develop into fully fledged adults.

Wall voids attract bee swarms seeking permanent nesting sites, thus, it is essential to eliminate any bee infestation in your walls as soon as you notice a sign of their presence. Bees take around three weeks to develop into fully-fledged adults. Failing to eradicate a bee infestation effectively can create a baffling number of bees on your property.

There are several signs of bee infestation in the walls. If you observe any of these highlighted signs below, it is vital to sort it out immediately and call a pest control company for help.

Buzzing Sounds

Bees buzzing in your walls indicate that they are making a nest inside. When the buzzing persists, you may be sure that there’s an immense swarm. A severe infestation is not only a frightening but also a dangerous situation.

Sudden Appearance of Bees

Flying insects such as bees or wasps may find their way into the house via many means. However, a single bee can be a sign that many others may be living in your home. A large settlement can definitely scare you. In such a situation, the best option is to call professionals to help eliminate them in no time.

Increase In Bee Activity

You may notice an increase in the average number of bees flying around your property. This is one of the most significant signs of a bee infestation. The increase in bee activity means a hive is somewhere close. If you identify a hive nearby, it’s important to relocate it following the bees’ travel routes. However, extra care is needed and taking appropriate measures to avoid disturbing the beehive.

An Active Hive Around Your Home

When a beehive is active, it will have noticeably increased bees activity. If you happen to discover a hive, check it from a safe distance to identify any movement. Even if the hive looks inactive or abandoned, consulting a professional company is recommended, as the beehive removal may prove to be unsafe.

Patches On Ceilings Or Walls

Dark patches are yet another sign of bee infestation. The bees build their nest in the walls and fill them with cells of honey. Honey will tend to seep out of the cracks in the walls, thus destroying drywall and wooden structures. Besides, it can attract other pests such as ants and rodents that may cause even more harm.



Do Bees In Walls Cause Damage?

Since the most available nest sites may be artificial features like voids and other structures in houses, you can cohabit with bees in your home as they do not cause significant structural damage.

However, they can be a problem in walls for the following reasons:

  • Bees can be an annoyance to people due to the buzzing sounds.
  • They pose a sting hazard if your pet gets too close to their comb.
  • Once a colony dies and its comb melts down, it can stain your interior walls with wax and honey.


So What Do You Do If Bees Are In Your Walls?

Bees infestation can be frustrating. The whole process of removing bees and their hive from the walls is not easy as it may seem to be. It does not necessarily involve spraying and killing the insects. You’ll need the right gear for effective removal.


However, you can contact a qualified professional at Wildlife Troopers to rid your South Florida home of a bee infestation. If you need help with bees removal from your property, call us today for a free estimate and video consultation. You’ll be thrilled that you found us!



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