Overall, bats are misunderstood creatures. They are the only nocturnal mammals that can fly. Although they usually fly at night and avoid the daytime, they are not blind as many people think.

These animals actually have a quite accurate vision. With their excellent eyesight, they can see light but for the most part, they are not attracted to it but avoid any light source. The one exception would be UV light which some bats seem to be attracted to when those light sources are turned on.


Does Light Affect Bats?

This is one of the many misunderstandings surrounding the bat species. They are actually not afraid of light, and you will see that if you ever disturb their cave during the day, these creatures will fly in the daytime if they have to.

Then, when a light is shining at night or they do go out during the daytime, the light does not affect their vision. While bats use an echolocating system to find their prey, they can see very well in both daylight and darkness.

However, this may not be correct for all 1200 species of bats. There are some species where the artificial lights of the city or houses do interfere with a bat’s vision. These bats will avoid light as much as possible. There is some questioning from researchers if bats adapt to the lit area or not.


Do Bats Like UV Lights?

This is the exception to the rule that bats avoid light as much as possible. Ultraviolet light cannot be seen by humans. However, bats have a different eye system in their heads that allows them to see ultraviolet light.

The bat’s eyes are such that they can pick up as much light as possible even in poor lighting conditions. This ability helps the bat to see its prey a lot better and when it hunts during the daytime and doesn’t use its echolocating system.

It uses its eyes instead. That gives the bat a double-edged sword to use when it is hungry. Day or night time is not a hindrance to their survival when it comes to hunting prey.

Also, it is good to have this type of eyesight as some bats species do not have a well-developed echolocating system to use and often can be seen flying into dark objects. The good thing about flying and hunting in the daytime is that the bat can keep an eye out for their own predators and avoid them.



Are Bats Attracted To Light?

You will, at some point, see bats flying near street lights, around home outdoor lights, and other light sources. This behavior is not because bats like light and want to get warm by its glow.

You can see bats near artificial lights because they are attracted to the area by the insects that are drawn to the light. In other words, the bat uses outdoor light sources to help them hunt for food.

In some cases, turning on your outdoor porch light may keep bats away. But then, you may be unknowingly helping them to find food. The reason you do not see more bats flying around during the daytime is that they prefer the night.

The lack of daytime light does not mean that the bats are scared of the light, they just like staying hidden from their predators. Bats have natural predators that will attack and eat them if the bat is not careful.

Also, some of these animals may not come to the light as they do not eat insects for dinner. Some smaller species prefer to eat fruit, nectar, flowers, pollen as well as some insects. There are some species that will eat frogs, lizards, rodents, and even their own kind if they are hungry enough.


The Bottom Line,

Some researchers have concluded that it is a mystery as to why some bat species are attracted to bright light. Aside from the food factor, the researchers do not know why some bat species go near bright light sources.

The color that seems to attract them is green but also red, and this has some support through the different experiments conducted by scientists. This attraction could just be confused with the idea that the bat’s echolocation system found prey near the light.

But it is hard to say. For now, until further studies bring something more definitive, it is best to say that bats are not attracted to light. They are attracted to the insects that are attracted to the light.


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