There’s a lot of misunderstanding around the foxes in Florida. These cute animals are perceived as dangerous by some people. A recent study found that plenty of Florida residents find the foxes difficult as they have problems with this wildlife entering their properties. It’s not just because foxes look cuddly and are friendly towards people. It’s because they have no sense of self-awareness and are entirely unaware of what they’re doing.

Even though they don’t attack unprovoked, it is best to stay away from them and to leave them alone if you don’t want to risk getting hurt by them.

Keep reading to learn more about foxes in Florida and their behavior.


What Type Of Foxes Are There In Florida?

There are two types of foxes in Florida, namely the red and the gray fox.

The red fox is quite rare in the south and is more prevalent in the north end of the state. In the wild, it’s usually found in places that have lots of trees and bushes to hide in, so you’ll often find them in rural areas and forests. They’re very adaptable animals though, and they can live almost anywhere if they want to, thus, can be also found in cities.

The gray fox can sometimes be found in cities because it’s also a very adaptable animal. The gray fox is more common in South Florida, mainly in Palm Beach County. It’s smaller than the red fox, though, and has shorter legs so it can’t climb up trees very well. It has a long tail with black fur on it, so people often confuse it with a raccoon if they see it.



Would A Fox Attack A Human, Or Is It Scared Of People?

A fox can attack a human, but this happens very rarely. Foxes are shy animals, and they usually run away from people, so it’s not likely that they’re going to attack you without any reason.

However, if a fox has been fed by people before or thinks that you’re threatening its territory, then it might feel like it needs to protect itself. If you see a fox near your house and it seems aggressive, then you should stay away from it because there’s a chance that the fox might attack you if you get too close. It could attack and bite you if it’s rabid or the mother fox is protecting her babies.

If you have a dog or there are dogs around the area where you live, and the foxes are nearby, there could be problems. If the dogs chase after the foxes, they might try to defend themselves by biting them or attacking them in some other way. It’s best for everyone involved if people just let these wild animals be and don’t try to feed them or interact with them too much because this can cause problems.

Foxes in Florida are not aggressive or violent, however, they might carry rabies or infectious parasites. In general, foxes are not dangerous and will not harm people unless threatened, captured, or handled. And even in such circumstances, their natural instinct is to run away rather than fight and attack.


What To Do If You See A Fox On Your Property?

If you see a fox on your property, you should try to scare it away from the area. You can do this by making loud noises or spraying water at it. If a fox is in your yard and it’s trying to get at your pets, then you should try to separate them so that the animal has no reason to attack them.

However, if you have chickens or other small animals on your property, you should leave the fox alone because it’s probably not going to hurt your animals. A fox will only go after small animals if they’re hungry and they can’t find any other food sources.

The best way for people to deal with living near foxes is by being patient and letting the animals be. Foxes are timid creatures, and they’re only going to bother humans if we make them feel threatened in some way.

You should also try to avoid feeding the foxes on your property because it will encourage them to stay around. You don’t want to do that because it could attract more wild animals, which can cause a lot of problems.

Foxes are very resourceful creatures, so they’re going to be able to find food if they need it. If they’re not coming around your property, then you don’t have anything to worry about. If there’s a fox in your yard, then you should not interact with it too much or allow your pets and children to come near it. Foxes are predators and they will attack anything that looks like prey, but if you leave them alone, then they’re going to leave you alone.


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