Mice are cute furry creatures that have a knack for squeezing in anywhere. In fact, they can get into holes that are the size of a quarter. These rodents can gnaw their way through almost anything. They reproduce rapidly, and pretty soon, you have a bad mouse infestation in your home.

Especially those who live in rural areas might experience an infestation if they leave their doors open during the day. There are so many ways for these pests to get in even without an open door invitation.

Keep reading as we will explore how bad a mouse infestation can get, and what the end result looks like.


How Do You Know If You Have A Mouse Infestation?

While at home, you usually find that there are normal noises. The pipes might whoosh with water and the air vents whistle at times when they circulate air. However, the noise of mice cannot be forgotten. It is a scurrying that sounds like little feet.

Sometimes, the mice squeak as they communicate with each other. If your mice have a nest on the interior of the home, they might make extra noise as they come down from the walls to the floor.

Mice usually make noise at night because they are nocturnal creatures. They might even come out during the day if they are desperate for food.

You can check for their urine as well. They will also leave small droppings that are half the size of a small chocolate chip. These droppings have a cylinder look to them.

Once you find evidence of one mouse, you can bet that it’s probably too late. Mice tend to be quiet even during the night, so if you can hear them, then you probably have an infestation in your home.


How Many Mice Indicates An Infestation?

You cannot really put a number on an infestation. As soon as the mouse has one litter, that can count as an infestation. Mice reproduce rapidly, so in a year, one litter can lead to hundreds of pups.

You might get lucky and catch the one mouse before it reproduces, but chances are, the mouse is just one of a litter. A female mouse can have 32 to 56 babies a year. So imagine if a mouse reproduces in your home and these babies have babies too!



How Do You Know If You Have Just One Mouse Or More?

A person can’t really guess how many mice are in the house after one discovery, as mentioned above. However, there are some tell-tale signs of infestation.

A mouse usually doesn’t like to venture out of a safe zone. It tends to stay in the perimeter of its nest. If you find it got into your kitchen and is chewing through your plastic bags, you can bet on an infestation.

In addition, a person should also investigate for many droppings. One or two pieces are not as big a sign as shelves full of them or very frequent fresh droppings after the house cleaning.

Those who find some signs of mice usually put up a few wooden mouse traps and hope for the best. This may or may not work as mice can be clever at evading traps. They will usually only reach for that peanut butter in pure desperation. They are also adept at avoiding the trap and just get the treat. This can lead to finding snapped traps with no mice.


What Are The Typical Signs Of A Bad Mouse Infestation At Home?

A bad mouse infestation will show itself eventually. Numerous mice droppings and urine spots are one of the most common signs of a bad infestation. Imagine waking up to puddles of urine in the kitchen. With a mouse infestation, this can easily happen!

The walls and other surfaces in your house will be gnawed as well. You can find holes in the wall where they come through if they’ve managed to chew through a nice opening with their sharp teeth. So don’t expect that something will stand in their path!

A bad mice infestation is nothing to sneeze at, and you should be on guard at all times after the first sighting or appearance of their aftermath. If you find the signs, the chances are that there are already quite a few of them in your home.


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