We’ve all had this happen before: You’re having a regular day living your life, and then you see a dark shape dart across the floor. It’s a rodent! Once you get over the initial startle, you have a big problem on your hands. You’ll have to conduct your own rodent removal or hire a rodent removal company. The best way to avoid having this happen in your home is to follow these 7 Tips To Keep Rodents Out Of Your House below:

1. Install Door Sweeps

One common way rodents get into homes is underneath doors with especially large openings. This is frustrating because it’s 100% not your fault. You didn’t build that door! Regardless, you’ll have to fix it. You can close up this hole by installing door sweeps.

2. Repair Damaged Screens

This is another common hole that lets rodents in. We’re sure you can imagine how this happens. You open up your sliding door or window on a hot summer day to get some air. You see that your screen has a hole in it, but you choose not to worry about it. Then the minute you turn your back, a rodent runs in! Fixing all of your screens is an excellent way to keep rodents out.

3. Seal Cracks In Your Home’s Exterior

The last of the common holes in a home are various cracks in the structure. Most people will see these and think nothing of them. The reason is that they are more worried about human intruders than rodents. Then, late at night, rodents start climbing through the holes. For bigger holes, you can hire a repair professional. For smaller ones, use some caulk to plug them up.

4. Dispose Of Trash Properly

Rodents love to rummage around in the trash. They can smell it from a mile away, and when they do, they come running. If you have trash bags lying around, there will be rodents in them before you know it. Avoid this issue with proper disposal. When your bag is full, take it straight to the bin outside. Once it is in the container, close the lid. This way, rodents will not be able to smell it or access it.

5. Store Food Airtight

This is another smell curbing measure. Rodents have a great sense of smell and will happily eat any food that is left out. Keep your dry food in airtight containers to avoid this. Note that you should do the same with any pet food.

6. Keep Your Bushes Trimmed

Rodents like to live in thick bushes. It protects them from predators and is a comfortable environment. If you have thick bushes or weeds on your property, you might soon have rodents moving in!

7. Eliminate Moisture Sites

Moisture sites, such as a leaking pipe, are another thing rodents are attracted to. Keep them away by fixing and drying out any moisture sites you might have.

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Discovering a rodent in your home is a horrible feeling. Even worse, you could have a full-on infestation. This is something you want to avoid at all costs. Without any delay, follow these 7 Tips To Keep Rodents Out Of Your House.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, rodents still get in. When they do, you’ll need to hire rodent removal services. Visit our services page to see which service is right for you.

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