Defending Your Home Against Critters: Having a critter get in your house is a big headache. Even worse, if one gets in, there will likely be more. Once they’re in, removal can be time-consuming and difficult. The best way to defend your home against critters is to keep them out in the first place. That way, you won’t need to hire a rodent removal service or handle rodent removal yourself. Follow our guidelines below, and you’ll increase your odds of never having to worry about that.

Plug All The Holes

The best way to keep critters out is to plug up all of their entry points. This way, even if a critter is drawn to your home, they will move on after not finding a way in. One common problem area is underneath doors. Some doors have large openings that critters can fit through. Plug this hole up by installing a door sweep.

The next is screens. Often, screens end up getting holes in them. That could be from children, pets, or a simple mistake. This is also something that we commonly see and do nothing about. This is not a smart decision. Holes in screen doors are a typical entry point for various critters, so be sure to repair or replace any damaged screens in your home.

atticLastly, they get in through cracks or holes in your home. Most of us have a few random openings in the exterior of our house. Because they are so small, we don’t do anything about it. If you want to avoid critters, it is best to repair those openings. You can hire a professional to do this, or get out the tools and plug them up yourself.

Eliminate Smells

Critters have a great sense of smell and will be drawn to your home from a long ways away if you’re not careful. The most common problem area is trash. Some people leave trash bags lying around, either inside or outside, instead of properly disposing of them. This will attract hungry critters who will be delighted to munch on your leftovers. Avoid this by keeping your trash in a bin with a lid. This will keep the smell down and the critters out.

Another trap is food storage. Keep your and your pet’s foods in sealed containers to reduce smell. If a critter can’t smell food, they will move on.

Eliminate Problem Areas

Critter RemovalThere are two major problem areas: Thick bushes and moisture sites. Critters love to hang out in thick foliage, so if you have thick bushes or weeds, give them a trim. Moisture sites are areas in your home that are wet. The most common is a leaky pipe, so if you have any, get them fixed.

You’re living a busy life and have a lot to worry about. You don’t want to add a critter infestation to your list. Avoiding an infestation comes down to three primary principles: Plugging holes to keep them out, eliminating smells to keep them away, and fixing problem areas that critters thrive in.

Unfortunately, you can do everything right and still have your home get infested. If that happens, contact us and we’ll go over our rodent removal services with you.

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