Get An Angry Raccoon Out of the House

Raccoons are adorable, with their little humanoid hands (okay, maybe those are creepy), black masks, fluffy tails, and conversational chittering. Who wouldn’t want them in their house? Well, most people with any lick of sense would choose to have them removed.

While Raccoons may seem cute and harmless, they’re quite mean, and carry many diseases dangerous to humans. Not to mention, those little razor teeth are sharp, and their bite is wicked. Raccoons can harbor a number of zoonotic diseases, such as rabies, fleas, ticks, and other pests that can make home owners’ lives miserable.

Prevention is always the first line of defense for keeping them off residential property and out of the house. First steps would include things like not leaving trash out, making sure trash cans are heavily-lidded, and keeping compost in secure bins and not out in the open. But what if the little buggers manage to get inside? How can someone get rid of this uninvited houseguest? Below are several methods to employ to get an angry raccoon out of the house now. 

  1. Bait and Trap

Please be aware of your state laws before attempting raccoon removal. A permit may be required. Wildlife Troopers are permitted wildlife experts and can efficiently remove an angry raccoon from a residence.

When picking out a trap, be sure to choose a live trap that is well and sturdily constructed, and at least 12”x12”x32” in size. Bait the trap with fruit, canned cat food or even canned tuna.

Once the raccoon is trapped, care must be taken when relocating him. Raccoons are aggressive creatures and will not hesitate to bite if threatened. When relocating the raccoon, it is best to venture at least ten miles away to a raccoon-friendly place.

  1. Scare ‘em Out

There are several methods a homeowner can employ to scare off the offending animal. The one caveat is that raccoons are extremely intelligent and adaptive creatures, and will soon become wise to any scare tactics employed.

For example, an array of motion-activated devices can be utilized and rotated out on an ongoing basis to give the raccoon the sense that the place isn’t a friendly home for him. Sprinklers, interspersed with motion-activated lights, and then a radio turning on will keep the creature on his toes and wary of entering the property. Ultrasonic noises can also make raccoons uncomfortable.

  1. Hire the Experts

Raccoons are crafty, and stubborn creatures. They are difficult for the average homeowner to remove and to keep out. Raccoons are also dangerous and hazardous to humans’ health. A bite from an angry raccoon can be deadly.

For peace of mind and for compliance with local laws, it’s usually best to employ an expert in raccoon removal. This limits any possibility of suffering a bite from an angry and scared raccoon.

Wildlife Troopers can quickly and efficiently remove angry raccoons from residential and commercial property with minimal damage to either side on the human-wildlife divide. Wildlife Troopers handles the nuisance animal removal process with ease and dignity to animal life and employs advanced tactics in the industry to prevent new raccoons from wandering onto residential property and making it their home. Please give Wildlife Troopers a call today so we can safely and quickly remove any nuisance raccoons.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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