We all admire those beautiful little animals but only in the wild. When there’s an unwanted guest at your home from the wild, it is necessary to immediately call the best animal removal service from nearby for a quick check.

There are so many animal intruders in your home that can cause many severe problems to you and your beautiful home.

You must often wonder what those weird noises are at your home and where they are coming from. Never ignore it, as there may be some wild animal trying to nest in your attic or some other hidden part of your home.

The scratching noise in attic walls indicates that some wild animal is trying to enjoy a comfortable stay at your home.

Five most common wild animals that invade your home


Raccoons are nocturnal figures and seek a safe nesting ground during springs. Raccoons leave their nests in the morning and get back in the evening. It leads to a confusing state, and people generally ignore the slight thumping noises in the attic.

Raccoons are capable of making big holes in your roof and find their way to the attic through a vent of soffit along the roof. If you hear a light thump noise in the attic, better call the wildlife removal service guy to avoid any significant destruction from Racoons.


Squirrels are another most common intruder in South Florida. They stay active throughout the day and run in and out for food.

An attic in your home provides a safe place to squirrel, and they might also use your attic to store food and other nesting items. It is hard to hear any noise of presence in your attic in this case, as squirrels stay very quiet during the dark.


Birds fly into confined spaces like above the bathroom ceiling fans or in the attic for nesting purposes. The chirping sound of birds is a clear signal that you’ve some feathery peers in your place without any notice.

By the time you get to see visible damage done by birds, it might be quite late to avoid the internal damage done by the birds. Nesting birds in your home may lead to a very unhygienic condition that could even include rotten smells coming from dead birds.

It is a wise decision to call the nearby animal removal service to get rid of unwanted nuisance created by birds in your home.


Scratching and squeaking sounds should also grab your attention and demand instant action, as the mouse might have found a new place to rattle in your home.

Mice look for warmer places to hide, and there are high chances that mice will lowkey pose a lot of damage to your house, digging holes everywhere.

Word of Advice

To get rid of all these uninvited wild guests and maintain the hygiene of your place, call Wildlife Troopers today.

Wildlife Troopers provide the most reliable animal removal service in the area with experienced professionals.

Next time you hear any noise in the attic – call Wildlife Troopers.

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