Hearing scurrying noises in your attics, ceilings, or walls indicate that rats have found a place at your home. Rats not only nest under the grounds but can find any place at your home – walls, attics and anywhere. Rats can find a way to your home through various routes.

Rats are most active during dusk and dawn. If you are experiencing high noises of rats running across your place during the day, you need to urgently eliminate the rats out of your place as they might cause some severe damage to your property.

Also, loud noises during the daytime signal a large infestation at your home. It is essential to eradicate these little intruders out of your place to prevent any loss to your personal property and keep away disease-causing germs from your place.

Continue reading the blog to discover more about the signs of rat infestation and how to sweep away these rodents.

Before moving forward with the detailed information, please note that eliminating rats out of your place requires a deep inspection at first. Then an effective Rat Removal plan needs to be run by a professional rat removal expert.


We all know rats are capable of immense chewing, gnawing and burrowing. Apart from their nibbling activities, rats also disturb the hygiene of your place.

Rat urine and droppings stink up your place and contaminate the environment of your home. It leads to inviting harmful disease-causing germs that can induce some severe illness.


The urine and droppings from roof rats work as a medium to communicate diseases. Some categories of rats, like roof rats, are capable of spreading serious diseases through their saliva. The gnawing sites also get highly contaminated and become a potential route of spreading diseases.

There are high chances of catching bubonic plague as the fleas that bite rats can also transmit such diseases.

The nibbling nature of rats doesn’t stop them from biting the electrical wires that can result in a significant electric failure and the threat of short circuits persist till the time rats are there in your home.

Even rats can nibble the wires of your car standing in the garage.


The uninvited little rodents get drawn towards your home for some self-evident reasons. If you have open garbage or pet food left outside or inside, rats will do anything to reach up to that place.

Open sources of food are the biggest reason for the arrival of rats. Also, rats love poor sanitation. Thus, homes with unhygienic places and a low bar of sanitation with adequate food resources invite these little rodents without even measuring the intensity of loss that rats can cause.

Rats look for safer places to nest and thus prefer darker sections of your home, like the attic.

If not controlled in the beginning, rats can bring a flood of troubles to your happy life. Thus it is advised to call the nearby rat removal service for a detailed inspection and removal of rats.


Rats don’t knock on your door to get an entry. Well, obviously.

Rats look for secret entry paths to your home and have several options to get the unauthorized entry. They climb up the trees to drop into your place and use the drain pipes or utility wires to get into your home. The nibble masters are smart enough to discover cracks and crevices and gnaw the same to get access to an unlimited stock of food at your home.


The presence of rats at your place requires immediate attention.

Even if you wish to, the mess created by rats will alarm a lot of concerns. It is thus always preferred to call the nearby rat exterminator service provider to live a rat-free life at your home.

To prevent the infiltration of rats, the following are a few things you can do.

While sealing every tiny crack and hole is the first thing to do, there are many other ways with which you can control or prevent the rats from entering your place.


It is better to seal all such places and perform a well-operated inspection to ensure no such point is left behind. Drain pipes opening outside your home and panel gaps are the most common routes rats use to enter your place. You can call a professional Rat Exterminator Service guy to perform a rich inspection of your home and seal all such points.

As mentioned earlier, the first thing you should be doing is sealing all the tiny cracks and crevices that offer weak sites to rats. Rats can gnaw through such places and make their way to reach your place.


Improper sanitation is the 2nd most common reason that attracts rats to your home. Having open garbage bins and unhygienic spaces means a perfect nesting spot for rats. It is very much important to zero down the count of such favorable rat nesting grounds.

You should avoid keeping food items like cereals and grains in cardboard boxes and keep a clean sink with no dirty dishes as it works as a feeding place for rats.

It ensures that rats won’t find any place to hide and get nothing to feed on. So ultimately, this would turn your home into a no rat zone.


Using rat traps is one of the most common things that you would have done, hoping that this way, you can trap all the rats and eliminate them out of your place.

There are various kinds of rat traps available in the market, using which you can bait and trap the nibbling demons.

Although it is one of the many ways you can try getting rid of rats, it is not an easier one.

It’s a troublesome process and might not be 100% successful. And by the time you manage to catch one, rats would have caused a lot of damage.

Calling a professional rat exterminator service nearby is a worthy choice to make to get your place rid of rats and their mess.


Rats always look for places where they can find nutrition in abundance. From your garden’s compost pile to your pet’s feces, rats can feed upon them to get the desired nutrients and would build a large rat family.

To avoid it, keep the compost bins sealed tight and ensure proper cleaning of your garden to leave no remains of your pet’s poop to erase rat feeding elements.


Rats live by water bodies as it makes up an essential part of their survival needs. It becomes mandatory to fix leaky faucets and other viable water sources like pet water dishes and more.

Ending proper water supply to rats obstructs their growth, and you can get easy freedom from rats.


While rats can feed on anything that has nutrition, pet food is their favorite. Leaving pet food outside means offering a nutritious bowl of tasty food to the rats.

Keeping the pet food covered in sealed containers prevents rats from having a good feast and strikes off another reason from their list of good things to reside at your home.


Rats look for cluttered places to hide and build a colony. Clean garages and tidy sheds are not what rats prefer. Thus it is necessary to keep the outdoor areas of your home clean and uncluttered.

Gardening materials like seeds and fertilizers also grab the attention of rats. Therefore you should keep all such items in closed metal containers, and firewood piles should be kept in an orderly manner.


The branches of trees outreaching your roof can work as an excellent path for rats to reach the attic. Trimming the branches can put a certain level of control on rats entering your home.


Rat infestation is not a thing to be ignored. If taken on a light note, it can lead to severe damage to health and property. It all starts with a single rat entering your home, and when left ignored, it can turn out into a massive colony of rats that pose a severe threat to the life of the residents.

Though there are several ways to exterminate the rats out of your place, you can never be sure about whether you were able to eliminate all the rats or not. To get a 100% sure call on this issue, you must contact professional rat exterminator service – Wild Troopers to get the job done with assured freedom from the rats.

When you contact WildLife Troopers, one of our expert rat exterminator specialists will visit your place for a detailed inspection. After discovering all the hideouts of rats in your home, the expert will cleanly take out each rat from your place. All of this task is done with no extra damage done to your property.

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